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Music Is The Remedy

rock for vets

Started 2010.

MISSION: Is dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of Veterans and other groups through music instruction, education, and mentoring.

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Why Music? It heals, expresses, and unites. Let's give veterans the gift of music.

Together, We Can Make a Difference.

Music Is The Remedy

P O Box 90461

Long Beach, CA 90809

The Rock Club Music Is The Remedy Program Goals and Outcomes

We provide music instruction, education, coaching, and mentoring, focusing on individual strengths while offering respect, honor, and hope to all participants.

Goals: Musical Proficiency and Mental Health: Participants will learn to play music and sing, improving mental health, well-being, and interpersonal skills, as evidenced by better relationships and increased societal engagement.

Public Performance: Participants will perform at various venues, using their musical skills and overcoming social barriers.

Mentoring and Social Skills: Through mentoring and musical coaching, participants will reduce destructive habits, improve self-esteem, and enhance communication and social skills.

Outcomes: Recovery and Empowerment: Music programs provide a non-judgmental environment, empowering participants to lead meaningful lives.

Skill Development: Participants learn to sing or master an instrument, improving group participation, socialization, and family relationships.

Continued Recovery: Progress varies among participants, with many reporting increased self-esteem and compassion through public performances.

Coping Skills and Respect: New coping skills foster self-respect and respect for others.

Improved Home Life: Veterans with PTSD and other conditions reengage in family activities, improving overall well-being.

Confidence and Performance: Overcoming shyness and improving grades and memory skills, participants gain confidence from public performances.

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Rock For Vets


  • "This program gave me a reason to live."
  • "I no longer have thoughts of suicide."
  • "I enjoy being part of the choir. I love to sing."
  • "I have learned to breathe better to help my illness."
  • "My social interaction has improved a lot."
  • "I always felt I had no talent. The Rock Club has given me the opportunity to explore my capabilities."



A music education program for Veterans of all ages and abilities, commenced in 2010 (with Jerry Salas as the Head Coach) and based at the Long Beach Scottish Rite. Has helped over 250 Veterans in the program.

Veterans learn how to play music and or sing and fully participate in a music program designed to improve their mental health, well-being and interpersonal skills as measured by improved relationships with family, friends and colleagues. They will have the ability to become further engaged in society and be less inclined to engage in destructive life habits (i.e.: drugs and alcohol) as well as improve self-esteem and interpersonal, communication and socialization skills. Veterans build self-confidence and are connected to one another, being able to share.


S 7 E 11, KISS a Vet Jul 09, 2012 | 21m 16s | TV-14

After volunteering at a VA Hospital, Shannon decides to take it a step further and pose for a pinup to raise money for the vets. Not to be outdone, Gene performs with the veterans at a benefit concert to help raise funds for the Rock For Vets.

I am a Veteran and I want to get invloved?

I am a family member of a Veteran who I think will really enjoy this?

I would like to donate to your non profit?

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Amidst the initial challenges of the COVID pandemic, our in-person programs serving around 150 participants weekly were canceled. Recognizing the impact, we swiftly adapted by launching the Quarantine Singing Circle Videos.

As of June 6, 2024

403 Videos

37 Rock For Vets Virtual Recording Sessions



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Coaching Sponsor - $20,000 15 x new t-shirt as dedicated sponsor & link on website named ​on all printed material year around and speaking time at each event and in all media and press ​releases. Also provides a free concert for your business with all head coaches of programs.

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Erica Olsen reports

ABC7 Salutes Rock for Vets, band that helps disabled veterans | ABC7

The Rock Club Music Is The Remedy Past Programs

A nonprofit charity organizations one of the best charities to donate.


Rockin’ The Youth, an after school youth music program for at-risk high school students, to write and create 5 water

conservation songs and to perform live to student body.

Created 2009.


Choir program for Seniors at American Gold Star Manor, Long Beach. A residence for families of fallen soldiers and seniors. Commenced Oct 2015 and helped over 200 seniors.

Seniors Choir program at The Barbara Alpert Jewish Community Center, Long Beach since Dec 2017 and helped over 150 seniors.

Engage Vocal Group, held at Engage Arts Colony Long Beach, since 2013.

Past program includes: Long Beach Rescue Mission Choral Program.


Inmate music rehabilitation program for inmates in the LA County Jail system, under Sheriff Baca, 2014.


A music education (Band) program for Veterans and residents of the Villages at Cabrillo, Long Beach. Has helped over 150 Veterans in the program, commenced 2015.

The Village Jam Drum Circle during summer months, since 2017, at Villages at Cabrillo.


S 7 E 11, KISS a Vet Jul 09, 2012 | 21m 16s | TV-14

After volunteering at a VA Hospital, Shannon decides to take it a step further and pose for a pinup to raise money for the vets. Not to be outdone, Gene performs with the veterans at a benefit concert to help raise funds for the Rock For Vets.

Long Beach Water Department and Water Saving Message

Long Beach Water Department and The Rock Club joined forces again in 2014, with water conservation as the message. Cabrillo High School kids auditioned for placement in a band. Each student had to write their own water conservation lyrics, play instruments and record their own water conservation songs, yes these are our youth performing below. With help from Head Coach Charles Fearing Jr, coach Charles Roche and Music Director Frank McIlquham, their music came to life.

To listen to the songs, please click on links below. Proud of the entire team. Thanks go to Mrs Gladstone, Mr May, Raylene, Ashley (Flutie), Leslie, Gabe, Kelvin, Ozzy, Efrain, Johnathon, Johnathan, Mr Holt, Daviante, Myra, Cabrillo High School faculty members, Melissa, Kimberly, Shaul and Tim.

The Rock Club Music Is The Remedy Past Programs





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To remember the individuals that have embraced Rock For Vets and The Rock Club Music Is The Remedy, in some shape or capacity. It is always with a sad and big heart to have to say goodbye for now. Thank you for being a part of us always. Love FRANK

Rock For Vets Members

Peter Dey (Navy) Member, John Parry-Supporter, Jennifer Jensen (Army) Member,

Greg Keyes (Air Force) Supporter, Denise Damrow, Board Of Directors

Mr Richard Lubner (Us Marine, Machine Gunner Iwo Jima), Supporter

Lee Seltzer (Army) Trumpet

The Barbara Alpert Singing Circle Members

Mrs Barbara Alpert, Frank Goodman, Us Navy, Fran White

The American Gold Star Manor Long Beach

Mr Terry Geling, 'Little Lulu' Domingo,

Lilia Sian Hornilla, Bobby,

Juarin Mathis, Delia Loewen

Celebration of Life - {Peter Dey US Navy

Here is Rock For Vets performing at Peter Dey’s Celebration of Life at the Long Beach Scottish Rite.

Who are in these songs?:

Jerry (Head Coach-Army Vietnam): Rhythm/Lead Guitar/Vocals, Alex (Navy Seabee): Saxophone, Barbara (Army Veteran): Vocals, Red (Air Force Veteran): Vocals/Guitar)

Woody (Marine Veteran): Vocals/tambourine, Janette (Air Force Veteran): Vocals

Cristina (Army Veteran): Vocals, Rachael (Army Veteran)(Kitty Kat): Vocals/Photo

Carolyn (Army Veteran): Vocals, Rick (Navy Vietnam): Bass Guitar

Bryan (Best Volunteer): Lead/Rhythm Guitar

(getting better from his ordeal with stomach cancer and he played with us, yes!!!!)

Nick (Marine Vietnam): Congas, Jim (Navy Vietnam): Percussion

Smoky (Navy Vietnam): Percussion, Bill (Army): Harmonica

Ronnie Ciago: Percussion, Tim Kirk (Best Sound/Producer)

Doc (RMG): Photo, Members: Melissa, Big Russ and Charlie

Frank (Executive Director): Drums

BIG THANK YOU TO: all of our sponsors, including Albertsons, Stater Bros, Port of Long Beach, Park Bixby Towers, Supervisor Janice Hahn, ECF of Boeing, Arts Council for Long Beach, Barbara Alpert, Tim Cable (on the recovery road so happy), John Dey, Luaine Koenen, Nancy Hathcock, Lora and Mike Wylie and I am so proud of all the Veterans in Rock For Vets, past and future.

Press Releases and News

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Board Members

Melissa Keyes, President, Marketing Long Beach Water Dept Retired

Charlie Moffett, Treasurer, Western US Sales Rep. Highres Biosolutions

Katherine McIlquham, Administrator, Freelance Management Administrator

Russell Stacey, Former Operation Manager NBC Universal

Frank McIlquham, Founder, Executive Director

Advisory Board

Lee Back, Snr VP, Markel Surety

Braden Phillips, Ret. Long Beach Police Dept & Ret. Commander Us Navy 27 Years

Derick Yanehiro, Producer And Assignment Editor, ABC News

Helen Dolas, Ms-Bc, Ba Music Therapy, CEO Arts And Services For Disabled

Brenda Threatt, Major, Ca State Guard 224th Bde/250th Ng Support

David Cannan, Ret. Long Beach Police Dept

Lew Kerns, Ret. Lbusd Principal And Air Force Veteran

Coaching Staff

Frank McIlquham, Founder, Executive Director

Jerry Salas, Head Coach Rock For Vets (US Army Vietnam)

Ronnie Ciago, Drum Instructor

Bryan Koenen, Assistant Coach, Rock For Vets And The Village Jam

Alex Wright, Accompanist, Gold Star Manor, Engage And Alpert Jewish Community Center

Malek Sammour, Vocal Coach, Gold Star Manor, Engage And Alpert Jewish Community Center & Quarantine Singing Circle

Emma Reynolds, Vocal Coach Quarantine Singing Circle

Rudy Parris, Rock For Vets Three Rivers


Bobby Kimball, Original Lead Singer Of Toto & Ambassador

Bernard ‘Pretty’ Purdie, Ambassador Of All Programs, The Worlds Most Recorded Drummer


Frank McIlquham

Founded in 2009 by Frank McIlquham, Banker and Drummer.

The Rock Club Music is the Remedy and Rock For Vets is dedicated to providing social and emotional support and mentoring to at-risk populations through music instruction, education and performance. Veterans, youth and senior citizens are brought together to socialize and connect on shared experiences in a positive, enriching environment.

The Rock Club envisions a community with a thriving arts scene and social support available to anyone, regardless of backgrounds or experiences, which is powered by the mission to empower at-risk populations to connect with individuals of similar backgrounds to build a supportive social network.

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(310) 220-7995

Write to us:

Music Is The Remedy

P O Box 90461

Long Beach, CA 90809

DEI Policy Statement

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The Rock Club Music Is The Remedy (TRC-MITR)

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Policy Statement

The Rock Club Music Is The Remedy (TRC-MITR) is committed to fostering and maintaining a work environment where diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are fully integrated into everything we do. To fully realize our goal, we prioritize our understanding of the complexities of DEI within our workforce to inform our approach to accomplish our mission to nourish, comfort and protect the community we work with and serve.

We believe that diversity is the presence and celebration of difference that enriches our workplace, including identity-focused characteristics, such as race, gender, disability or age. We also believe that equity is the presence of and commitment to fair treatment, access and opportunity for all, where individuals are not at a disadvantage because of their identities. And we believe that inclusion is how we demonstrate our commitment to diversity and equity and is at the center of our efforts to build an intentional culture that fosters feelings of belonging and honors the differences of our colleagues, clients, partners and vendors. Inclusion ensures that individuals with different identities are valued, leveraged and welcome within our workplace.

TRC-MITR’s commitment to DEI does not mean that we must agree on everything, what our commitment does mean is that our differences drive our need to be inclusive, respectful of each other and that we take seriously our professional, ethical and legal responsibilities to honor each other’s right to be