Music Is The Remedy

, Music Is The Remedy

To The Rock Club Music Is The Remedy.

A Music Education Programs for Veterans and others At-Risk.

MISSION: Is dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of Veterans, at-risk youth and other groups through music instruction, education, and mentoring. A non profit organization – 501c3

We are currently working with:


Veterans in Rock For Vets


Paralyzed Veterans of America California Chapter


Veterans and Seniors at American Gold Star Manor Long Beach


Seniors and Veterans at the Alpert JCC


Veterans and residents at The Villages at Cabrillo.


Here is “DREAMS” (Fleetwood Mac) Rock For Vets version. This is our 189th video since the start of Covid and 14th Rock For Vets Covid Recording Session. 

 The backing track was recorded on August 23, 2021 by Jerry Salas, Rick Roche and Frank McIlquham at the Long Beach Scottish Rite Theatre and mixed by Tim Kirk and as always thank you Tim Cable for our Rock For Vets home and Peter for always taking pictures and video. After the backing track is recorded, it is sent to our Rock For Vets members for their input: either vocals or instruments. The Veterans are sent the backing track via mp3, then the Veterans send in their part via sms message or email. These are then arranged/collated and then sent to Frank and organized and sent to Tim and he mixes away. Rock For Vets works for some and is not for everybody. But if you apply yourself, leave your ego at the door and want to engage with other Veterans that are going through some issues and are like-minded people, then we here for you.

 Who is in this song?: Rachael (Army): Vocals Jerry (Head Coach-Army): Rhythm Guitar Rick (Navy): Bass Guitar and Lead Guitar Solos Dean (Navy): Acoustic Guitar Bryan (Best Volunteer): Rhythm Guitar John (Army): Piano/Keys Frank (Executive Director): Drums 

What a treat it has been to work a second time with a handful of Veterans from the Paralyzed Veterans of America representing Florida, San Antonio Texas and California. 

We chose this song originally due to a Paralyzed Veterans of America California Chapter member was to be selected to accompany Sir Branson into space.  The selection process was not successful at the end and this was to salute this Veteran into space.  Now we are saluting all who enter these missions no matter the disability.



Founded in 2009 by Frank McIlquham, Banker and Drummer.

The Rock Club Music is the Remedy is dedicated to providing social and emotional support and mentoring to at-risk populations through music instruction, education and performance. Veterans, youth and senior citizens are brought together to socialize and connect on shared experiences in a positive, enriching environment.

The Rock Club envisions a community with a thriving arts scene and social support available to anyone, regardless of backgrounds or experiences, which is powered by the mission to empower at-risk populations to connect with individuals of similar backgrounds to build a supportive social network. 



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, Music Is The Remedy
, Music Is The Remedy
, Music Is The Remedy
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