Music Is The Remedy


Starting Thursdays Oct 13th from 10am to 2p The Three Rivers Memorial Building

Are You A Veteran, Who Likes To Sing Or Can Play A Musical Instrument? Rock For Vets From Long Beach Is Coming To The Three Rivers Memorial Building On Thursdays Starting On October 13th (10a-2p). A New Free Music Program For Veterans Of All Ages. Jerry Salas (Army Vietnam Vet/El Chicano) And Rudy Parris (The Voice) Will Be The Coaches. Interested, Send Email To:
The Rock Club - Music is the Remedy Music Programs. You may use this letter as your receipt of contribution. Your contribution will go 100% towards The Rock Club’s Music is the Remedy Music Programs. Since October 2010, we have helped hundreds of Veterans who suffer from PTSD, Spinal Cord Injury, Brain Injury, Blind Rehab and many other at- risk groups, by teaching them to play musical instruments or through participation in a band or choir. These activities cultivate self-esteem and confidence to aid in their transition back into everyday life.


A music education program for Veterans of all ages and abilities, commenced in 2010 (with Jerry Salas as the Head Coach) and based at the Long Beach Scottish Rite. Has helped over 350 Veterans in the program.

Veterans learn how to play music and or sing and fully participate in a music program designed to improve their mental health, well-being and interpersonal skills as measured by improved relationships with family, friends and colleagues. They will have the ability to become further engaged in society and be less inclined to engage in destructive life habits (i.e.: drugs and alcohol) as well as improve self-esteem and interpersonal, communication and socialization skills. Veterans build self-confidence and are connected to one another, being able to share experiences in a positive, enriching environment.

A nonprofit charity organizations one of the best charities to donate.

Rudy Parris – The Voice – The Buckaroos
Jerry Salas – US Army Veteran, El Chicano Lead Singer
Frank McIlquham – Executive Director


MUSIC IS THE REMEDY, ROCK FOR VETS AND THE ROCK CLUB Quarantine Singing Circle frank mcilquham

We provide music instruction, education, coaching and mentoring to all participants. Our approach focuses on the individual’s strengths and gives respect, honor and hope to all participants 

Objective: 1. Participants will learn how to play music, sing and fully participate in a music program, designed to improve their mental health, well-being and interpersonal skills as measured by improved relationships with family and friends and an ability to become further engaged in society.
Objective: 2. Participants will perform at numerous venues employing not only their newly acquired musical skills but also by employing the ability to remove the barriers that have kept them from fully participating in society.
Objective: 3. Through mentoring, musical coaching and group dynamics, participants will become less inclined to engage in destructive life habits, drugs and alcohol and improve self-esteem and interpersonal communication and socialization skills.


The Rock Club’s Music Programs are often the first step in recovery because the participant begins with the safety of a musical instrument in a non-judge-mental environment of peers. Recovery empowers the participants to take charge of his/her way of like and live a full and meaningful life. 

Participants learn to sing and /or master an instrument and are able to better engage in group process, socialize and improve their relationships with family and friends. 

Each participant is on a continuum of recovery. Some move along faster than others (some do not and some are not challenged enough) and each person develops and recovers life skills at a different pace. Many report that by performing for each other and in public to resounding applause, they are building their self-esteem, compassion for others, are better able to interact in a group setting.

By developing new coping skills, they now respect themselves and others. 

Coordinated care and multiple disciplines directed at participants as well as satisfying social interaction and being supportive are just as important to mental health as to physical health. The Rock Club’s Music Programs are sensitive to gender & cultural issues.

As the programs are experiential, participants understand military culture or school life, gender differences, and ethnic issues. 
Participants often find recovery in helping another individual on their journey. With the Veterans who suffer from PTSD and other physical and mental illnesses, their home life also benefits as they become reengaged in family events, including activities such as dining with the family together again, not grinding their teeth anymore, and being able to engage in sexual relations again.
Participants also overcome their issues of shyness by being able to perform in front of the public and peers pride and confidence. The at-risk youth do better with grades and the seniors’ memory skills improve. Some success stories include Veterans getting jobs and feeling more confident to go into the interview process, Veterans getting full scholarships to the Musicians Institute, students graduating and being a family again. This has instilled a sense of pride and the participants are teaching others the skills they have learned.
The Rock Club Music Is the Remedy has become a life line in the survival of the homeless, former substance abusers and participants who may not have anyone left in their life. It has become a family for many and provides emotional support along the journey while the participants become more confident through playing music. They feel that they have something to offer not only their loved ones but also society.

Testimonials from participants whose lives have greatly improved include:

“This program gave me a reason to live.”
“I no longer have thoughts of suicide.”
“I enjoy being part of the choir. I love to sing.”
“I have learnt to breathe better to help my illness.”
“My social interaction has improved a lot.”
“I always felt I had no talent. The Rock Club has given me the opportunity to explore my capabilities.”



The Three Rivers Memorial Building 



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